Bonifatiuskapel, Dokkum

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Whoever wants to win the world for God will need the courage to come into conflict with it.


Carmelite priest Titus Brandsma

Place of pilgrimage


“Here the light of life went down for St. Boniface, here the light of the gospel came up for Friesland”.

The martyr’s statue near the well refers to the murder of the well-known bishop and missionary St. Boniface by the Frisians on June 5th, 754 AD. The mound in Dokkum started as a European place of pilgrimage for St. Boniface.


The miracle of the well


The well near the chapel and the pilgrims’park is a natural spring and has existed for ages. Sweet spring water in a silty area was essential for the early development of Dokkum as the most northerly port in the Netherlands on the coast of the Wadden Sea. Medieval legends tell the stories of St Boniface and the miracle of the well. For centuries the clear spring water has been an ingredient for brewers of beer in Dokkum.




The revival of the pilgrimages to Dokkum (1926) and the building of the neo-romanesque pilgrims’ chapel (1934) are the work of Dokkum parishioners

and the Frisian Carmelite priest Titus Brandsma.

Titus Brandsma criticised the German Nazi regime and died in the concentration camp of Dachau in 1942. The statue of Titus and the fourteen stations of the cross by the artist Jaques Maris are silent witnesses in the pilgrims’ park.




The chapel offers visitors a film and an exhibition about St Boniface, Titus Brandsma and the tradition of pilgrimage in Dokkum. Through St Boniface the town of Dokkum is linked with the town of Crediton in England, where he was born, and with the city of Fulda in Germany, where he lies buried.

St. Boniface’s Chapel:


June 1 to September 15 daily 2 to 5 p.m.; free entrance.

Group visits to the chapel and guided tours all year by appointment, also for schoolparties and international groups.


Eucharist in the pilgrims’s chapel:

every Thursday 7 p.m.

You are welcome to attend!


Pilgrims’ park:


open every day / closed for the public between 8 p.m. and 7 a.m.



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